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‘Kala’ (time) is divinity has neither a beginning nor an end. everything in the universe is constantly undergoing changes from earlier condition to its succeeding condition is called ‘Kala’ ( time)

Everything in the cosmos starting from planet down to the minutest substance undergoing changes or transformation follows some orderlies which can be reorganized. The changes In the atmosphere into what is called the ‘Rhitu’ (season) follows the definite order. So also the physical body of all living being. These changes are inexorable, goes silently without interruption. Because of these changes only the body goes in different stages of life.

This ‘Kala’ ( time) having some division. It’s not actually division but these are climatic changes according to the movement of the earth.

The movement of the sun will be little more towards north on its elliptical path & so the earth comes little nearer to it known as ‘Uttarayana’( northern Solstice)

The sun heat is more which takes away all the moisture of the earth and make all human being weak.

During the next six month, movement of sun will be little more towards south on its elliptical path and the earth moves little away from the sun known as ‘Dakshinayana’( Southern Solstice). The sun heat reduces the moisture of the earth increases and makes the human being stronger.

This cycle is repeated alternately indefinite time and pattern. These two solstices contain 6 ‘Rhitu’ (seasons).three in Uttarayana and three in Dakshinayana.

These are-

  1. Hemant (winter)
  2. Shishira( cold, Dewy)
  3. Vasanta( spring)
  4. Grishma( summer)
  5. Varsha( rainy)
  6. Sharad( autumn)

Rituacharya is the ancient Ayurvedic practice and is comprised of two words, “Rhitu” which means season and “charya” which means Regimen or discipline. Rhitucharya consists of lifestyle and Ayurvedic diet routine to cope with the bodily and mental impacts caused by seasonal changes as recommended by Ayurveda.

Ritucharya enables us to build our physical strength and mental capability to battle ailments that may happen due to seasonal changes. In addition to that, it balances all the three doshas in our body and keeps us fit and healthy throughout the year.