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One Day Detox Retreat Program in Goa


Detox Retreat Program
De-stress & detox the body physically, physiologically & psychologically.
Weight Loss
Healthy weight loss with complete relaxation & adequate nutrition.
Enjoy the relaxing yoga with pranayama & meditation amidst the sounds of the ocean.


With our bodies wornout by the challenges of our day to day living, we all need a little kick starter once in a while.

Keeping this in mind our highly trained team of Ayurvedic Doctors, Nutritionists, Yoga Instructors and Hypnotherapists we @ Sanda Retreats have designed an intense detoxprogram to clean out any stored toxins, give your digestive system a rest, reboot your immune system and leave you refreshed both body and mind.

To prepare your body for maximum benefit, we send you an easy to follow pre-cleanse pack, gain insight into your health – physical, physiological and psychological through our Personal & Medical Questionnaire. On arrival you will be introduced to your detox program by one of our wellness consultants, the retreat highlights are listed below:

Cold Pressed Juices – “Made From the Finest Ingredients”

When on detox the liquid only diet provides easy to absorb nutrients and rest to your digestive system saving energy for detoxification, repair of damaged tissues and bringing the body back into balance. Combined with the right blend of natural supplements and superfood shots our retreat is designed to provide you a complete balance of nutrients.

Colon Cleansing – “Cleaning Out Our Internal Garbage”

Keeping your body’s waste management system in top shape is important as accumulated waste can spell serious health problems. The detox program is designed to release these toxins into the blood, lymph and digestive system, an enema is the fastest, most effective way to carry toxins out of the body – quickly.

Spa Treatments – “For Relaxation and Detoxification”

Our therapies include Ayurvedic treatments especially prescribed by our doctors for detox, weight loss, pain relief and bodystrengthening depending on your needs. Our therapists use a combination of massage movements including irregular and altering applications of pressure that gently compress and stretch your muscle tissues, while the rhythmic strokes stimulate your body to cleanse.

Also available are pampering facials, body wraps & scrubs that we recommend you do towards the end of your stay.

1-1 Consultations – “Providing you Personalized & Customized Therapy” :

We work with you to optimize your time with us, the 1-1 sessions with our specialists will help you achieve your retreat goals and where necessary, customize your detox program so that it’s tailored to you. The doctor helps you understand your body type (Dosha) and the imbalance according to Ayuvedic principles.

While the Hypnotherapy session provides you the tools to deal with the stresses in your life and to detox from emotional baggage.

Considering food is a big part of our lives we also provide Personalized Nutritional Advice to keep you on track when you get back home.

Yoga – “Promoting the Flow of Vital Energy”

Yoga embraces not just the physical aspect of health but the physiological and psychological. Aiding the cleansing process, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation are integral parts of the healing process giving you a perfect start to the day!

Our yoga instructors are always at hand to encourage beginners and share with those looking to adopt this way of exercising back at home.

Relaxation – “To Reconnect and Discover YOU”

Being located on a serene Beach the environment provides for tranquillity, peace, rest, sound sleep and other forms of relaxations to minimize the mental strain and provides the perfect ambience to cleanse and detox.

Better understanding of your body’s need coupled with the support of our Wellness Consultants, we will ensure minimum stress.


DurationSingle Per Person (GBP)Double Per Person (GBP)
1 Night£ 1,60£ 130 *

“Juice Detox Retreat Helps With A Range Of Problems Like Skin Disorders, Weight Problems, Stress And Much More”

What’s Included in Our Program

The One Day Juice Detox Retreat Package is inclusive of:

1. The morning Yoga Session
2. One Spa
3. One Detox Kit with some supplements
4. Half and hour dietician Session to help for further assistance and a diet plan.