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The Benefits Of A Fertility Management Retreat


The Benefits Of A Fertility Management Retreat

The Benefits Of A Fertility Management Retreat

Fertility issues in both men and women are becoming more and more common today leaving many couples looking for alternative treatments which can enable them to have children. From IVF and GIFT to natural healing methods, there is a wide range of treatments available.

Common Fertility Issues

What are some of the more common fertility issues men and women face? These can include:

Ovulation Difficulties-some women suffer from conditions that can cause ovulation interruption including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Issues With Sperm-men can have a low sperm count which can make it difficult to impregnate their mate. Oligospermia, or low sperm count, or asthenospermia, slow sperm are two common issues.

Endometriosis-endometriosis is a painful condition in which the endometrium begins to grow outside of the womb.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes-blocked Fallopian Tubes means that your eggs cannot travel successfully from your ovaries to your womb. The blockages can be caused by endometriosis, fibroids or other complications.

Fibroids-fibroids are benign tumours in the uterus which can be extremely painful and block the fallopian tubes causing infertility.

How A Fertility Management Retreat Can Help

While common, men and women don’t have to accept infertility and, with the proper specialised procedures, can have children successfully. In most cases, fertility treatments are effective, but they can take time and, for some couples, the treatments aren’t effective at all. The most common reason for fertility treatments to be ineffective or slow is the couple not being prepared for the treatment properly.

A Fertility Management Retreat from The Beach House Goa can help. Fertility Management Retreats are designed to help couples prepare their bodies and their minds for the specialised fertility procedures including IVF and GIFT. The retreat can help provide natural detox therapy for infertile couples as well as high-risk pregnancy couples.

What Does The Fertility Management Retreat Include?

Before beginning the Fertility Management Retreat, couples complete a personal and pre-retreat questionnaire and receive a doctors consultation and assessment. Then, they begin with a 3 Chakras assessment session, hypnotherapy sessions and a nutrition consultation. Couples will also receive a Before and After Assessment to monitor their progress which includes testing of:

  • PH Balance
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Biological Age Assessment
  • Vital Total Body Measurements
  • Vital Signs Assessment

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To learn more about the benefits of a Fertility Management Retreat and how it can help you prepare to undergo specialised fertility procedures, contact The Beach House Goatoday!

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